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Thread: New lease, What to do??

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    New lease, What to do??

    Hello All,
    Just got a new lease in aberdeenshire, mainly roe although a few reds. All is great however we cant shoot it till the end of august because the owner is in new zealand, how inconsiderate of him , and i am looking for any hints of things to do to ready ourselves. The farm is 2000 acres of arable with 300 acres of sitka forestry, about ten years old where the roe are doing most of the damage. I was thinking high seats and maybe getting some salt lick block jobs for Bushwear.

    Many thanks


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    Well done Sam sounds like a good one hope you get some good sport there,
    Where about in Aberdeenshire you from I am on th North east coast beside Peterhead got a few little bits and pieces of ground off farmers for Roe but not yet managed to land any further in with red's yet !

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    hi sam

    what i would do in your situation is just sit back and watch the deer as much as you can ! they will tell you where to put your high seats ect , it will also give you a good idea of what kind of numbers and sex ratio you have .
    i dont honestly know if those bushwear blocks work on roe but worth a go if your finances allow !

    hope this helps
    cheers lee

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    hi all,
    the farms between inverrurie ad kennay, i would love to go and watch the ground lots... but i habitate a rather dull bit of cheshire 400 miles away,

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    i to agree with leec6.5 all you can do is sit and watch get to know the land and where the deer are moving from and to and where you will be able to stalk them from

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