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Thread: Bruno no2 22LR

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    Bruno no2 22LR

    Hi All

    Selling my treasured 22 RH rimmy in order to get a LH one.

    I'ts as per the title a Bruno no2 22 LR, barrel has been cut down to 16", threaded and re proofed. Like wise its comes with a proofed Sirocco mod (on ticket), original 5 shot metal magazine, 10 shot plastic magazine and CZ 527 1" mounts.

    Its in lovely condition the stock has been replaced at some point in its life with another brand new one which has quite a nice grain in the wood as 22 rimmys go only sign of wear is the bluing on the barrel which has faded a little as you might expect.

    It shoots thumb hole sized groups all day long at 50 yds with RWS subsonics.

    Trigger is original and has not been messed with.

    Note: Scope and bipod are not included in the sale.

    250 (I can RFD to RFD at the purchasers cost).

    Please PM me if interested.

    Many Thanks


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    Bump. No takers yet. l'm quite suprised after seeing whats for sale on gun trader.

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    Bump will take 200 without the mod.

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