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Thread: Lapua Brass . 308

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    Lapua Brass . 308

    How many times is it safe to reload this type of brass

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    how hot is the load?
    will you be FL sizing?

    IMO lapua brass is harder than some. I had to have my 243 lapua annealed long before others

    i have norma in 270,243 that is on 7 or 8 firings with no hardness issues
    but I neck size

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    As stated it is nearly impossible to say.

    As a guide I started reloading with 100 pieces of Lapua 308 brass. Despite all the stupid things I've done while I was learning plus the fact that one of my most accurate loads turned out to be giving me 3000fps with a 150 grain bullet I have used over 1000 primers and am still using some of those cases. I dumped a few of them because one had shown a split neck but on reflection could probably have kept them, in my early reloading I had problems with a die that must have stressed the necks considerably for a while. Because of the way I tend to use them I don't keep an accurate count of how many reloads are on each case but it must be obvious that the average is around 10 and the truth is that some have seen a lot more use than others so I'd guess some are on 15 or more.

    I've never used any cases other than the Lapua ones so I can't say if others would be much worse, or better, but my view is the Lapua cases were worth the money.
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    As Bewsher500 states it all depends on what pressures you are running and if you neck or full length resize. My FTR brass manages 4-5 loads but stalking loads average 10-12. Keep an eye on your necks for splits and primer pockets for slackness. You will soon know when to spend yet more money on brass.

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