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Thread: Bavarian Mountain hound pups

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    Bavarian Mountain hound pups

    after loss of my lab and with all your kind words and suggestions im gonna have aBMH i found a great breeder who has just had a litter
    he dosent post on here so if your intrested i have a number
    lads based in stoke he has bitches and dogs and dogs are cheaper than bitches as is usually case
    happy to pass details on if thats in order
    please drop me a pm
    thanks again

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    Lovatscout i am not sure you should be posting for some one else if you are suggest that these are good pups and he is a good breeder then i hope you know him really well because its your neck it will fall on if it goes tit,s up.
    I suggest the best thing would be for your great breeder to advertise the dogs him self.
    Unless you can tell the readership on here everything they need to know,Ps best of luck with your purchase.

    KC reg
    Restrictions if KC
    Country of Origin.

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    Its a good point well put
    Im just trying to help a brother stalker out
    Just networking people im not involved in any money changing hands etc etc and sny purchaser will have to ask the relevant questions.

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