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    help needed

    can anyone recommened a good cleaning kit for a 223 rifle and tell me how often should i clean it..thanks

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    I looked at cleaning kits and you end up with a lot of stuff you wont use so i bought a cleaning rod (25) a calibre specific mop, brush and jag (10 for 3), along with some patches and barrel cleaner, thats all i use. Everyone is different as well - some people clean after every outing, i usually clean the barrel out after every 100 rounds or so. Bushwear do a cheap cleaning kit, i think the make is tetra and that has all the above but the rod isnt up to much, i think there around 25.

    Im guessing you mean cleaing the barrel? If you just mean the rifle i give it wipe over with cloth covered in vp90 after every outing and if it gets really wet i take the stock off and give it a wipe undernaeth as well.

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    At the very least get a Bore snake, and pull throught 3 times after a day out. then once in a while a bore foam and rod /jag with patches

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    Most importantly.....get a bore guide.....will prevent damage to the throat and solvent saturating the stock!

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    i've never used an bore guide before, or seen one if im honest, where can i get theses and do you use them for every caliber??

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