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Thread: need some grey squirrels

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    need some grey squirrels

    I have a friend starting a taxidermy school who is looking for grey squirrels (smaller mammals are perfect for starting out)

    Anyone on here shoot, trap these in any number?
    Looking for batches of 10-20.
    they would need to be frozen

    she will pay

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    trapped 120 in 5 weeks last year and just started putting traps out for this year's campaign - PM if you think I can help!


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    ...that's a relief, I thought your misses had found an olde family road-kill recipe book from back home that she was forcing on you all for supper

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    to be honest, if edinburgh council continue to rip us off this way with parking permits, fines, council tax, won't be long till squirrel's on the menu!!!

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    hey,, don't knock it until you've tried it
    Tandoori Squizzer is bootiful!

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    resurrecting this given it is getting a bit warmer!

    Anyone trapping/shooting squirrels?
    Also interested in any magpies, jays, crows etc

    ​all for small taxidermy projects

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    Larsons about to start so crows and magpies. In North Yorks tho

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