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Thread: Deer Fencing

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    Deer Fencing

    Hi does anyone have any knowledge on deer fencing. The kind to keep them in, rather than out. The cost, any suppliers, does it have to be mesh or can barbed wire be used. Anything really.

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    Try the British Deer Farmers Association ( - they should be able to help you out. The problem with most fencing guidelines is that they are to keep deer out as you say - a very different matter from enclosing them!

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    Thanks Mole. Am looking at it now. I was wondering if it was possible to leave existing sheep neeting in place and put barbed wire above. Thanks for the link.

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    I've read about this in the FC books. It may be a better ideal to put the deer fence to its full height as well as having the mesh infront of that.
    To keep deer in and encourage other deer outside the fence in, how about a deep trench and earthen bank topped with a deer pailing fence. Throw in the occasional deer leap and a deer haye and your away! Mind you its a little bit expensive and time consuming but at least its traditional! The area I look after still has the earthen mounds and ditches that go back to the time the Order of the Hospitalier Knights owned the land.
    I'd love the re-instate the pailing fence and put wild boar and Fallow back in the wood. That would keep the mountain bikes out!

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    Hi Beowolf hope ypu had a good christmas. Yes I agree with all that but it does sound a tad expensive and very labour intensive. I was hoping to add to, rather than replace, what we already have.

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    hi ssgpiv
    Sent you a PM mate
    Give us a call. We fenced a 100 acre site a while ago.

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    Hi Ssgpiv,
    Thanks but I had a really bad Christmas! I was in bed for most of it with a swollen jaw. I had the tooth out that had been troubling me for sometime now. It had already infected the surrounding area, once the tooth was removed it just got worse! 04.00am Boxing day I finally got some antibiotics from the NHS walk in centre. I'm going to kick my dentist right up her 'Arris' when I see her! The three times I have had this major infection, she refused to perscribe antibiotics. So I have missed work = lost revenue, missed out on stalking opportunities and had a crap crimbo! All because of one silly little tooth butcher!

    Anyway I'm getting better!

    I hope your Christmas was alot better my friend!

    'God bless us.....everyone'!

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    hi B

    That sounds truly miserable. Why is it other peoples misfortune can be such fun to listen to. I imagine with the recent news about your dog you are looking forward to seeing 2007 disappear into the rear view mirror. I understand a little bit of what you have been through with your teeth though. I went a while back and had a filling. All was ok till the anaesthetic wore off. Then I had two weeks of the kind of pain that makes you sweat to be told by my dentist who is a mate and a fellow rugby fan that the pain would probably have gone by the time we go to the next world cup. Great.

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    Deer fence heights, for those that are not aware, these are to keep them out.


    ROE; 1.2mtrs
    FALLOW; 1.6mtrs
    RED; 1.8mtrs

    Beowulf, I think you would have to look at the 1.8 mtrs to be on the safe side.

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    Hi Waders,
    I'm not going to fence off, I'm looking at using dead hedges along the old ditches to minimise deer movements in fresh coppice and then sit up and wait for my next meal! Its not prefect I know but it doesn't have to be really. I'm going for a nap now, I've been reading various articles by A.S Cooke about muntjac populations in Monks Wood (Cambs). I'm very tired now!

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