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Thread: Baikal O/U 12b Ejector

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    Baikal O/U 12b Ejector

    As above , decent condition. Ftf. Surplus to requirements. 100.
    Situated near Edinburgh.


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    I have a friend who is looking for something like this, pm me your number and I'll pass it on, based W lothian...


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    you need to empty your inbox mate. Can't send you my mobile number.
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    I was speaking to Nelson earlier today. He had the cheek to say that he had taught me everything I know! If he had been nicer I may have sent him a text passing on the fact that some are interested in his add but for trying to be a smart er*e I don't know if I should???

    I will let him know...

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    Space cleared in inbox

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    Could you send me a picture or put one up mate? Cheers.

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    Thanks for all replies. Gun now sold pending the usual.

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