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Thread: Pickup shooting hatch ideas?

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    Pickup shooting hatch ideas?


    Looking to put a shooting hatch on my pickup in the canopy section, any ideas as what to use for the hatch or have you made your own.
    tips much appreciated


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    Here's what I did with my Land Rover, perhaps you could do something similar?

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    These are pricey Sprocker but 2 of my friends have these foxing canopies

    Bespoke Aluminium Hunters or Foxing Canopy | Aluminium Canopies|Hardtops | N J Aluminium Linings Ltd

    They can be taylor made and are fantastic but like I say, 's

    Best DIY effort Ive seen was a waterproof hatch from a boat used as a pop up/out hood, 2 of us could stand in it when foxing.


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    Hi mate - now go with me on this.... We looked at using a light weight man hole / drain cover. You get the recessed frame and a cover, just need to knock up some latches. It's agi but would work... We use an old discovery with twin sun roofs now.

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    an easy way would be to mitre an angle frame and get somebody to fold you a hatch up with a cross section bend for strength in either ally or mild steel in thin gauge with an internal hinge with some edging strip on the angle all drilled and tapped you can just screw some button head caps in and seal with a window sealer ,atb wayne
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    Cheers all sound good, i've been looking for a boat hatch locally but with no joy so far..

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    we have a 45 gallon drum cut down welded to a ring of 2mm steel we had lazor cut then bolted through the roof on out landy,the top has a removable lid,works great and cost 30 to make it all up

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    Before selling my defender I was going to use one of the windows from a caravan. You can get them on eBay second hand pretty cheap. Get one with the frame too and you'll only need to cut a hole bit of silicon or rubber seal and pop rivet it down. Cheap, light, and waterproof.

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    I fitted a pop out sun roof recovered from a scrap fiesta, just took the jig saw to the defender one fine day and it fitted a treat.

    Have put it exactly half way back so I can stand up in the rear with a ladder rack, connected along the sides with 1" square tube and covered in black pipe lagging, looks ok and does the job.

    Just be sure to cut a cardboard template and cut inside the shape or you will have to have a bucket handy when it rains lol.

    Cheers WB.

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    FWIW I had a Land Rover Defender pop-out sunroof fitted to a brand new L200. It’s worked for three years so far without a problem.


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