Wilson Complete Stainless Trimmer Kit

The Wilson Stainless Micro Trimmer utilizes the most accurate trimmer in the world in its new stainless steel configuration, an exclusive Sinclair International product. The compact micrometer unit is incorporated into the stop bearing which allows the user to easily make quick trim adjustments in .001" increments. The Wilson Stainless Micro trimmer uses a case holder that holds the case by the body taper and utilizes no pilots during the case trimming operation. Trimmer case holder, cutter housing, and adjustment stop sit in perfect alignment with each other. This guarantees an identical trim length for each case. When trimming cases shorter than 1.3 such as pistol cases, the use of a spacer (part number WX11) is necessary.
The Wilson Stainless Micro Trimmer sets on top of our Mounting Stand with Clamp. The Clamp enables the user to quickly trim and exchange cases in the case holder. All of our Wilson trimmer accessories work with the New Wilson Stainless Micro Trimmer. Visit our website, catalog, or call our reloading technicians to order trimmer case holders and other accessories. * Trimmer Case Holders and accessories sold separately.
Kit comes complete with Sinclair Platform as well.

205 plus postage

Wilson dies also instock most calibres will be availible, the same with case holders in side neck reamers etc in fact the whole 9 yards

I will be getting weekley deliveries so odd ball and wild cat calibres should be at last a viable option for us hand die users.