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    What are your views or experiences of Howa rifles (Howa 1500). Japanese steel any good in rifles?

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    Very good rifles, had a few sold a few.

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    had a howa varmint couldnt fault it fell into the trap of thinking about greener grass so bought a sako but the sako wont do anything the howa wouldnt do if i had my time over again would i have traded the howa for a sako NO if i needed another rifle would i buy a howa YES ....i think you will find a howa will shoot better than you or me

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    What do you mean "Japanese steel any good" Charlie, they have been working steel for a long long time, just look at a samurai sword.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    if you use the search function
    Howa 1500 your thoughts?
    How are Howa?
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    The Howa 1500's that I've shot have all performed well .

    Only problem I saw with them was removing the barrels from the actions . A friend has a Howa in 308 we were going to remove the barrel chop it a bit and thread it for a suppressor . Anyway my gunsmith buddy tried for a couple days to remove the barrel in variouse ways with no luck we eventually chucked it action and all in the lathe and threaded it .

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    For the price can't be beaten although that's not entirely accurate depending on what calibre your after the Weatherby Vanguard is basically the same rifle but sometimes 100 less so keep an eye out for those also in your hunt wouldn't be without mine that's for sure.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie-hunter View Post
    What are your views or experiences of Howa rifles (Howa 1500). Japanese steel any good in rifles?
    Replace Japanese, with Chinese I reckon!,..... or worse still Polish muck.
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    What are your views

    or experiences

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    I have a varmint barreled version in S/S .243. Very good, extemely accurate and well made. Standard stock is poor, as is too flexible but of a good design and material, so when stiffened and bedded very good. Mine with 87 V max is far more accurate than the operator.

    In my case mine is too heavy when fitted with a Wildcat moddy, so would in hindsight not have a heavy barrel and get a lighter moddy.


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