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Thread: .223 reload suggestions please

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    .223 reload suggestions please

    Hi guys

    I am about to start reloading for my tikka T3 tactical .223 ( 1 in 8 twist ) I would appreciate any information on any good powder/ bullet combinations you are using, the loads would be for target shooting out to 200 yards and beyond.

    I am about to attend the British shooting show so will be picking up some powder and bullet heads etc there if I can.

    Regards Paul.

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    I use .224 69 grain Sierra Match Kings and Varget in my T3 Tactical for targets. Maybe somewhere to start?



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    69gr SMK bullets
    either H4895 or Viht N133 powder

    LOTS of good recipes out there for the two above powders that can be downloaded from the makers websites f.o.c.

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    Not sure how they would work in your twist barrel but I'm using 26.5 grains of h4895 with a 53 grain vmax and love it

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    Echoing what Ziggy said, i fear this might be a bit light for your barrel, but mine is fed on a diet of blc2 and 50gr nosler CTs.


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    I suggest you get hold of Laurie Hollands series of articles on Reloading for the .223, set of 3, light, medium and heavy bullets. If you cannot get them PM me you address and i will post you some photocopies.
    69 sierra would be a good start but A max even better. Problem is that you are looking at compressed loads and unless you have a special mag cannot mag load them as COL is too long. in my case this is not an issue as i use a AICS remmy 700 so COL is not an issue. In 1:8 you could go up to 80 grn Bergers.



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    i got over the mag length problem via the link below, tried a AICS mag and Roedale base plate but found the mag to be too far back from the chamber so the bullet would some time tip forwards and jam on the side of the chamber,
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Thanks very much for the replies so far Guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snagman View Post
    I use .224 69 grain Sierra Match Kings and Varget in my T3 Tactical for targets. Maybe somewhere to start?


    69gr SMK with N140, it's good to 600yds easy and further depending on how fast you're pushing it.

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    As already suggested a projectile in the 65-70 weight range will work well. Heavier projjies will work (but may not) if you can't keep velocity up. Nosler sell target projectiles in bulk packs of 250 if they work in your rifle. They are also highly frangible and make great bullets for cat, rabbit, hare and fox size game.

    Varget gives best accuracy for me but I run out of case room to fit enough in for best velocity even though I use a drop tube.
    The Benchmark powders also work well and you can fit more in the case.

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