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    what everyone using ,i think its time for a new pair.ive been looking out for the danners to come into tk max again.

    or can anyone reconmend others.

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    Whatever you do, do not buy Mouflons would be my best advice. Off to the game fair at the weekend and hoping to come back with either Lowas or Meindls. My mouflons were leaking after 3 months and they would not cover them on their supposed 1 year guarantee. After a year literally every part of them has been broken from leather and rubber parting, soles cracking in half to holes you can put 3 fingers into in the leather. Not even the laces lasted out the year, all these breakages were on both boots but their get out from the guarantee was that they are a leisure boot and by wearing them every day I had invalidated the guarantee as every day wear is for work boots. And they squeak which drives me up the wall when I'm stalking. Rant over!

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    I have five pairs of boots that I use for stalking - before anyone says it, yes, it makes me sound a bit like the Imelda Marcos of the deer world :

    Browning Kangaroo leather boots - relatively new acquisition, light as a feather, gore-tex lined, uninsulated. Probably the lightest and most comfortable boot I've worn, bar none. If I really had to limit myself to one pair, it would be these.

    Danner Leather/Cordura - Similar to the current Danner Pronghorn. I bought these boots when I lived in the US back in 89-90 and have used them almost to destruction on the Hill and elsewhere. Great boots - if you can find a pair in TK Maxx, buy them.

    Meindl Burma Pro - Bought a second-hand, non Gore-Tex lined, pair on eBay for next to nothing for use when walking (rather than stalking) in Arran. Nice boots, but in retrospect I could have done without them and used the above. Built like the proverbial brick outhouse and reputedly one of the best walking boots out there.

    Lundhags Professional - Bought from Penrith Survival ( for when it's really wet. Lundhags are a completely different construction to any other boot, but in inclement weather they are the dog's whatsits.

    Cabela's camo sneaker - like the old Bata basketball/baseball boot, but in camo. I bought two pairs last time I went to Cabela's. For woodland stalking during the summer they are ideal, as they are like plimsoles - light and you can feel every twig through the sole. If it's wet then I put a pair of MOD gore-tex socks between the inner and outer socks.

    Hope this helps


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    I have Chirucas and they are terrible. They squeak that you can hear me stalking miles away.

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    I currently use Meindl Makalu and Meindl Glockner, both of them are brillant boots especially the Makalu, your feet will be bone dry and they give great support to your ankle and are very comfortable boots.

    Had a pair of Le Chameau Aubrac boots for about 5 years, a good boot but not in the same league as the the Meindls, I would highly recomend the Meindl range of boots.

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    i use muflon plus and you can all boo and hiss as much as you want they have been spot on and there coming up to a year old i dont know why everyone slags them off so much

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    I use lundhags high leg boot had them for 8 years great boots still keep me feet dry, takes a while to brake them in thow and a pair of meindl himalayers use them most days very comfortable and dry would say try them both theres loads to choose from and how much you want to spend.
    Cheers lyon

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    I use meindl dovre extremes - i spent ages humming and ha-ing over which boots to buy (there is probably even a similar thread on here started by me) but I'm really glad i chose them.

    Ok I don't get out in them nearly half as mush as some folk, but I can't fault them at all. (well ok then occasionally squeek a teeny bit, but a dab of vaseline stops that).


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    Ive not found anything to equal these Matterhorn's ,the first pair i bought lasted me 18 years and three new soles good value .[/img]

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