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Thread: 112 emergency calls

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    112 emergency calls

    Just found out about this and thought I would share it as seems such a good idea (and I was not aware of it) ......

    hope no-one needs to use it but you never know.

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    Worth knowing and thanks for sharing

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    Tony, thanks for the tip. Cheer

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    I've put the number in my contacts under emergency and also registered the phone. I knew of the number but not about texting,

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    Done, thanks for the heads up.

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    This is part of the chainsaw training course , it's very good

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    Wow very good I must say I never knew a lot of that I no about the 112 number but not how it works or the text messaging thanks for that....

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    thanks for sharing certainly worth knowing and registering

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    In the UK there is NO difference between 112 and 999. You can register to text 999. You can dial 999 with a locked phone.

    The only difference is 112 works in other countries.

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