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Thread: Operation is over..............

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    Operation is over..............

    I have had my operation to close the hole in my heart(PFO)and,as far as I know it has all gone to plan,I feel fine,albeit a bit bruised,and tired.I have drove a short distance today,and,have plans for a bit longer drive tomorrow,and,the good news is that the surgeon has told me that after a week I will be able to get out shooting(amazing really)I will just need to find someone to lift and carry what I

    p.s. watch this space....

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    Great news glad to have you back, just remember to take it easy and dont over do it.

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    Welcome back - fantastic news about the operation. Follow their advice about convalescing and recuperation. I was told that for each hour in surgery you should figure on one weeks recovery, so take it easy.


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    forget about shooting for awhile
    i can do that for you and carry it out
    you just take it easy mate
    there are years left to cram all that shooting into
    catch up soon

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    Take it easy, all the best


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    glad to hear your on the mend martin,all the best.go steady

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    Glad to hear everything went so well, wishing you a speedy recovery!


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    Good on you mate.
    Go and plug a few bunnies but go carefull how you lift them.
    Isn`t medical science amazing these days?
    Take it easy mate, you know where i am if needs be.

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    Good stuff Martin, glad to hear you are making a speedy recovery. Dont go taking out any big Fallow Bucks after the 1st of August pick out the smaller ones for a while

    All the best


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    Excellent news Martin, wishing you a speedy full recovery.

    Take it easy


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