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Thread: steyr model L and them mounts of their's...

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    steyr model L and them mounts of their's...

    having brought a steyr model L .243 off a chap on this forum (and happy with it i certainly am!!) i am having a wee bit of trouble getting the bugger zero's. the problem is that the elevation runs out. now i am using a (borrowed) burris fullfield scope till the gunfund is replenished for a s+b. the rifle has the steyr swing off mounts....
    any advice chaps? tried shimming it (in the rings) but made little difference. the groupings are tight, but high, i'm using 96gr RWS. i susspect the trouble is scope based but and to be fair the mounts are solid.

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    Shimming horrible solution and probably not necessary. I suspect that what you have are Apel swing off mounts and they have not be correctly mounted. Any chance of a photograph?
    Nice rifle that really deserves a decent scope like the S&B, hope the scope fund is replenished soon.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    think the mounts are the factory standard ones (apel? dunno, but seem VERY good quality-there is no brand marking on them that i can see). shimming is bloody horrible i know! i'll try to sort out a photo tonight at some point. the gunfund is getting there.

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    They are Apel (I know the rifle). It groups well. Just take the scope off and put it back on. This may help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goingback View Post
    They are Apel (I know the rifle). It groups well. Just take the scope off and put it back on. This may help.
    cheers mate, the gun is fine, it's pilot error i'm sure!! have tried taking scope off and on, as well as moving the rear (quick release fitted) mount up and down slightly to see if it made a difference as far latching on the mount. i'll give it go over the weekend. nice one.

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