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Thread: Basswood Sporting Agency

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    Basswood Sporting Agency

    Is there anybody on this site going to Croatia this season with Frank Ille.
    I have booked a couple of trips with him and booked and paid for parking at Heathrow.
    If there is anybody from 'darn sarf' the West Country in particular, would like a lift, get in touch.

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    I take it nobody is going with Basswood this year.
    I put a similar request on the year before last and got no response but ended up meeting folk that I passed on the way to the airport that I could have picked up coming through.
    Last year a group of four from the West country drove to my place, we then re-grouped, parked their car at my place and we all travelled up to Luton together from here.

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    When are you going with Frank ?
    I am going over there on the 19th Nov .
    I am traveling south from cumbria if any one else is intrested in a car share for the journey ?


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    Hi Bob,
    I'm going over on the 12th November and 3rd December,
    Looks as if you're going on the second trip.
    It will be running smoothly by then as we will have ironed out any problems
    I'll miss you this year but maybe catch up with you next year.
    I'm going again 3rd January in the new year, same place, I love it.

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    Not long now
    Anybody going from the West Country or south of Salisbury ?

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    Hi EMcc

    How did the pig hunting go ?
    And did you get any yourself ? I hope the weather was good and that there plenty of pigs to go round and that you left some for me to have a go at .
    I heard that Frank was a bit the worse for where on Sunday night when my mate spoke to him on the phone ,how is the old git doing this year ?

    We are with frank this Thursday and i am all loaded up and ready to go already
    I can hardly sleep with the excitement.


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    Hi Bob,
    Just got back, knackered
    The weather was very mild with a cold wind if stood in the wrong place but no rain or ice so quite good for us.
    Due to the mild weather the pigs were wandering further from the feed stations making it more difficult for the beaters to get them where we wanted them.
    There are plenty of them about but it was a long wait to get them to the guns, on one of the drives the beaters started from eight K's away!!
    A mate of mine that had not been before shot three, two good uns and a piglet!!
    You'll notice I haven't mentioned how I got on it was not my turn this time but am going again in December so it may be my turn then
    Good luck with your trip, regardless of what you shoot it is always a good turnout overall. When the bangs start kicking off at the other side of the forest or just down the line, the adrenalin starts to pump

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    Hi Guys,
    Just about calmed down and a bit more composed after getting back from my second trip with Basswood, I went 3rd to 7th December.
    I am absolutely down in the dumps
    The first trip I encouraged two friends to go and we saw much less than a dozen pigs and only six were shot.
    We were given 160 rebate
    The second trip, again far less than a dozen were seen and only seven were shot including two by the beaters.
    Again I encouraged another friend to go and he didn't even see a live pig.
    This time we were only given 100 rebate
    I am rapidly losing friends and even with the rebate am rapidly running out of funds
    I haven't given up on Croatia entirely, I am going again in January but am not taking any friends this time
    If that trip doesn't produce a few pigs then I'm afraid Croatia will be off my travel Itinery next season for a while.
    So far I have had a good run in Poland until it got a bit expensive.
    I've had my fair share of Germany.
    The Czech Republic with Shooting Enterprise, didn't see a pig nor sign of any, no rebate and now Croatia seems to be going down hill.
    It is impossible for these Forests to 'be shot out' due to their size so I can only put it down to the organising ability of the people the Agents use and how hard they push them for quality shooting/value for money.
    Can anybody recommend any Agents that organise driven Boar shoots without trophy fees on top or added 'Extras'
    I know all about 'Wild animals, not fenced, no guarantees etc etc but I want some Driven where the odds are not stacked 99.9% against me or the rest of the team.
    I am not particularly upset about me as an individual not shooting/seeing any pigs so long as the rest of the team get a fair share and that hasn't happened for the last two trips.
    Spleen now vented, so signing off

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    sorry to hear about your trips with Frank but that what happens when you go after truly wild game some times you get lucky some times you don't ! . On the last 2 trips i took to Croatia i only saw 1 pig and could not get a shot of at it .This year i killed 2 of around 100kg and missed 1 and could not shoot at another . We shot the week after your group and Our group shot 20 and a lot more were seen but not shot at or were missed due to lack of experience or range.

    Beter luck next time.

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    Hi Bob,
    I understand that is what happens with wild animals but normally the odds are in our favour to a degree because we are many and spread out over a long line.
    And the local guys should know roughly where they hang out.
    I know that can change overnight but the signs should give them an idea of where they are or where they go when disturbed.
    The last four trips have been an absolute disappointment so am going to have a look elsewhere for next season.
    I must stress that when I say disappointment, I don't mean just for me, I mean for the whole group.
    There have been times when we have ended up with only a few pigs on the ground at the end of the day but the sightings and shooting has been terrific.
    January will tell whether I visit Croatia again in the near future.
    Eddy McC

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