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Thread: A couple of high seats wanted:

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    A couple of high seats wanted:

    Evening all,

    I've picked up some more land and so need a couple of high seats to dot around - so before l have a heart attack looking at new - l thought i'd ask if there was anyone close-by Northants/Oxon/Herts/Beds with a couple of seats that they would like to get shot of?

    Also i'm interested in getting a couple of mobile seats (one of places l can shoot people just walk everywhere and its Pikey country).... so l would be interested in anyone who has purchased some recently and get some makes etc. to look into.


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    Bushwear have the anther Folding high seat for 199 at the moment lightweight and easy to move

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    Just bought a mobile one from Bushwear a couple of weeks ago. Nice and light, easy to set up, comfortable and good shooting position. Top quality service (ordered 3pm and delivered by 9am the next day!). Only thing I'd say is the rest/rail isn't that solid, does the job but I'd not like to take anything too far out.

    I've done a bit of a mod to mine and added an extra support from the middle of the bar to the top rung of the ladder (using an extendable pigeon hide pole). Not tried it yet, but it felt a lot more rigid in the back garden

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    Well l've gone all DIY....

    Whilst l wait to see if anyone has a spare they'd like to sell, l've looked at the mobile ones on the tinternet....

    I've ordered a fold-up ladder from an online supplier (extends to 5.2m) which is plenty high enough (87) delivered.

    I'm going to make up a support for a seat bit like an 'A' frame and then add a detachable seat - and rest - spray the whole lot in green and brown and see what it ends up like!

    From what l can see, there are at least two seat suppliers that use these ladders and finish them the same -


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