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Thread: 10 Yards Too Far

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    10 Yards Too Far

    As I post this I'm stranded on wet grass that turned to soup from fairly firm ground while recovering a fallow doe I've shot at last knockings.

    i now have to endure the embarrassment of waiting for 'her in doors to arrive to pull me out !!

    recommendations for mud tyres appreciated, I'm still running the original tyre supplied by land rover - but they will be going next week !!

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    Been there done that and after the last time I needed the farmer to pull me out I replaced the tyres with Marix Panthers. They are remoulds but they are tested to the same standards as ordinary tyres.


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    Insa turbo Sahara's cheap but very effective best thing since sliced bread IMO

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    BFG mud-terrains or Khumho KL71's. Anything else is playing catch up.

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    Been there, done that (without the option of the wife rescue!).
    Now run BFG All terrains- good compromise, excellent in snow unlike full on muds, but will fail in thick or sticky mud.
    You good go all out and get the below, if you can put up with the noise and on road handling!

    insa turbo special track - Google Search

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    Agree on the Manix recommendation - but the reality is that if the ground is that wet, you will dig the sort of hole you don't want to be explaining to the land owner.

    I've been walking carcasses out in Harkila Fenja sack. Ours rarely weigh more than 80lb clean, while I know I am still good for 120lb if I take it steady.

    The light-weight quad has also come into its own for this sort of work.


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    I've got some ground like that,i never drive it bud,we went out one day to shoot some crows with a mate,he didn't want to carry all decoy stuff across 1 and a half fields and said his l200 would fly across,I said its dodgy,30 seconds later we were up to the axles,called the farmer who came with the longest toe rope I've seen,he said tractor would sink too,he pulled us out laughing his balls off

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    Ok, I'm out now she just came with the disco and could drive within 15 mts of me no prob and pulled me out.

    still embarrassing --- off to the larder now and while I do that contemplate MUDs and winches !!

    At least I was able to peruse SD while waiting

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    BFG all terrains are a good compromise as Dave said, got them on my Navara, good on road manners and hardly any increase in noise. More serious sticky stuff BFG Mud terrains are better and more aggressive tread pattern. I know half a dozen keepers that use them and very rough muddy ground.

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