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Thread: A good foxing outing

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    A good foxing outing

    My mate couldn't make it last night so went 'solo' to a nearby farm where we had shot 11 from 3 visits.

    So shone through the gateways on my way up the the farmhouse and spotted a shine coming back from a field next to a wood. So off up the track and into a gateway. Parked up and a 2 piars of eyes shone back.
    Rifle up on bonnet and game on. Called and one stayed put. Bang one down the other made it's way up the banked field towards the wood. Squeeked and it came running down towards me. Barked and she stopped. Bang number 2 down.

    So made the rifle safe and started to walked and fetch them when I shone around the other side of the valley and another pair of eyes shone back. So luckily a silage feedr with a roof on was close by so got rifle set up and squeeked again and it came charging in. Barked again, it stopped.Bang number 3 in the bag.

    A mad 5 mins but a good trip out.

    As it was only a quick look around because I had had a s**t day at work and was worth going.

    The top fox is one of the biggest dog foxes I have shot.

    This one was from the other week shooting across the valley a bit further up. She was taken at 273m.


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    273 metres ? Good shooting,well done. Its great when yo hear the thump coming back to you.

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    jon good going mate nice account regards pete

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    good shooting, its great when they come running in to the squeak

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    what sort of caller are using....
    great shooting

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    273M. I use Google Earth to plot long range shots. Use your phone to mark shot site and where they fall.

    I use my hand or have been using the Foxcller (read type call). You can call and shoot at the same.


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    Well done on the foxes...........sounds like it was a spell
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    Sounds a fun hectic little outing

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    good shooting mate got to say 273 metres thats good going

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    Excellent stuff! I only had two last night, but each was a specific fox that I'd been tasked with taking out. One had been killing ducks on a 'holiday farm', the other was coming in close to a farmer's chickens a couple of miles further on.

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