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Thread: Large Gunshops

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    Large Gunshops

    A small section of the Cabelas store near Salt Lake City.

    Good job I had plenty of time too look around

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    What fantastic displays Paul. That must be one hell of a shop, I imagine you could spend almost all-day there. Great photo's.


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    And a photo from their Hamburg, PA store:

    You can read more about the store here:

    I've been to this store 6 or 7 times, and each time I ask them when they're going to open a store in Europe. They tell me to fill out a Customer Request form, which I do, but I'm still waiting

    It's an amazing store - the camo, the guns, the taxidermy, the fishing tackle, the clothing, the cookery stuff, the restaurant.... A year or so ago I was with a South African customer at our office near Philadelphia and I took them to Cabelas, it was one of the highlights of their trip to the US

    If only we had something similar here in Europe


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    i will buy! it a dead zoo would be amazing to taunt the antis with

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    I've been to the Nashville and Florida stores, talk about kid in a sweet shop

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    I just wonder with shops that size how do they find time to go hunting? Why do they go home to the other half, I'd be living in the place.

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    The one I went in up detroit way had real big salmon swimming in the river running through it, it was amazing, I spent the whole day there.

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    I had opportunity to visit the one branch in Texas. I spent hours in there and could have stayed there for a lot longer. It's like a grown up Toys'r'us.

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    I can just see the look on my other halfs face when we rolled up there

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    They are quite some stores. I have been to a number in various parts of the States and you could spend a day in there just wandering around looking at the mounts.

    Prices are good too and the quality I find of the clothing is very high.


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