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Thread: Replacement trigger for lefthanded Rem 700

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    Replacement trigger for lefthanded Rem 700


    Looking for a trigger for my lefthanded 223 Rem 700 rifle. Something that will adjust down to 1.5lbs.

    Needs to have safety and bolt release.

    Would be happy with either a trigger unit that someone has sitting about in a drawer or some advice on where to source a new one.

    PM me with anything you might have to sell please.

    Any advice appreciated, I've little experience of the Rem 700 and no real knowledge of which replacement triggers are good, bad or indifferent.

    Many thanks,


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    You want to buy a jewell trigger, easy to fit and adjust a little dremmel work on the stock.

    If you buy an aftermarket trigger that is not a jewell you will always wish you had.

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    +1 for Jewel if they make one for you rifle including safety. Minor chisel / Dremel stock work required. It will show immediately off the bench.

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    Cheers lads,


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