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Thread: How often do you get stuck?

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    How often do you get stuck?

    I got stuck on the way back in from extracting a couple deer I had shot. My old man seemed to think I was so stupid for getting stuck but to me it's just one of these things that comes with deer stalking, no big deal.

    Was just wondering how often most people get stuck?

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    Dave88, some may not get stuck off road for years and then like late busses they all come at once. I've not been caught for a few years, and now I have been caught a couple of times since Xmas !

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    Can't remember the last time I got any of the trucks stuck, the quad- lost count of the number times I've had that stuck.


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    Not happened yet... Just a matter of time though

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    discretion is the better part of valor
    less haste more speed
    look before you leap
    dont be lazy
    have you got a winch and two jacks and wheel mats
    if you get stuck youre doing damage to the ground
    wheres the nearest farmer with a 200 yard rope.

    I got stuck once... too much haste nipped to feed the pheasants
    in my CAR!!
    whilst wife was doing shopping...oh dear no phone
    wife waiting for a lift home with 16 bags of shopping.
    could be worse though

    Use your 4x4 wisely and dont damage the ground
    watch where you park up, if you park up in a bog bottom
    well you`ve only yourself to blame

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    On the farm, never, on other people's land a few times. As both my grandfather and father told me "know your land" and there should be no excuses for getting stuck. Rest assured farmers DO NOT appreciate people getting stuck in arable fields, stubble or otherwise, a farmers worst enemy is a compacted seed bed!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I Get stuck in the pub on a regular basis!!!!

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    Maybe 1 in 4 trips, I drive a Landy 110 with a winch bolted ont front, the Winch worth every penny!! that said still had a few long walks back out the Forest, followed by a taxi ride back to the dig's, just as well i know the local taxi boys well!

    Interesting one a week or so before christmas, driving on snow a day or so before, the snow melts and we get a severe frost. The track became an ice rink, literally. fine on the level if not very slippy, but a death trap on any incline. Got three parts up and lost traction, did the useual slam into reverse and feet off everything, but although only a split second between that action, the landy was already in " Toboggan" mode. Very very lucky, it slid a good 30ft or so back down the incline at a fair old rate of knots. I wrenched the handbrake on full as a last resort and it came to rest at a precarious angle 2 foot or so before a 3ft drop into a ditch with a fairly steep slope on the otherside. Without doubt had it hit the ditch at the pace it was going it would have flipped and gone down the slop into the trees below. With night falling, New under Kek's needed all round, we walked it out and rang a taxi. We winched it up the incline bit by bit the morning after, drove it out the other gate. By the nature of our game,(Stalking Border Forestry) useually there is a Tree to get a strop round. In due course will trade my landy, but the first thing on the list will be to get it shod with some decent rubber, followed by a decent Winch! Click image for larger version. 

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    I run 37" swamp tyres, three difflocks and front and rear winches. I actually have to try to get stuck, so that doesn't count. Oddly I seem to come across a lot of people who haven't tried to get stuck, but are. But neither have they prepared for being stuck. They sit there like hapless fools waiting to be rescued. You can always tell if they have had a go, there'll be bits of car mat and twigs under the mud filled tyres.

    But it really can happen to anyone, there are so many variables but once you have broken through into what's underneath and the treads are full, it's game over.

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