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Thread: Shooting show 2013

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    Shooting show 2013

    Sat already for 1 1/2 hours trying to get in just not moving.

    Newark had best access, obviously golf balls were a problem.

    Wont be coming again, only the lads wanting to carry on or I would be on way home.

    Organisers are a bunch of idiots


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    Bloody right they Im stuck ad well, the only time we move is when someone does a u turn and goes home

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    Oh no, I'm supposed to be going tomorrow!

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    I must be behind you mate!!

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    Hope jelens got some beer left - deserve some. Been on the road since 4.30

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    Hi Wardy I just passed the entrance to the big house ,I hope your in front

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    Glad I decided to give it a miss this year!

    Good luck with the traffic and hope you find enough bargains to make it worthwhile

    I'll text Mike and suggest that he nips out to Sainsbury for more beer!!

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    SO glad I decided not to exhibit this year. Pi55 ups and breweries spring to mind...

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    Did you pre book and have the parking ticket or are you paying at the gate? Don't like the sound of a long queue to get in especially after a nearly 3 hour drive!

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    Decided on going stalking instead of the show even though it's only down the road sounds like I made the right decision ! Good luck with the traffic always gets me hot under the collar in standing traffic !

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