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    Enclosed Ground

    Here's a scenario for you gents. Deer have breeched the deer fencing surrounding a woodland, they are inside, & have no obvious reason to come out.
    Would the course of action be - get an accurate count, wait 'till late in the season & empty the place, or would there be an alternative solution in this situation? What would be the most ethical way to deal with this?

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    I think a lot depends on the size of the wood and species of deer also the age and structure of the wood.

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    If you are in Scotland you go in a shoot them all regardless DL its not about deer stalking its about deer shooting no legal issues here just get the JOB done.

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    first of all i would find out what the owner of the woodland wants you to do and also find out if they hav the rights to shoot the deer
    only then can you work out a plan of action

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    The forestry that I have seen that falls into this catagory has generally been <100 acres, planted with sitka spruce, starting at 8'-12' high,usually in roe territory,but the further north I go in Scotland, I sometimes see woods like these in red territory.
    I don't get the impression it would be quite as simple as shooting fish in a barrel, I expect in these circumstances, accounting for all the deer inside the stock proof fence could prove difficult,especially when forestry tends to be very tightly planted.

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    8-12' Sitka is fairly safe from deer apart from if the Red decide to smash a few! You could try building deer jumps on the inside to allow deer out but not in, failing that high seats and an organized cull. It will be hard work in thick Sitka.

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