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    Hi just registered on the forum.

    I have been shooting for about 30 years. Started off with a Brno 22 rimfire shooting rabbits and gradually expanded the gun collection from there. I have been stalking on a friends farm near my home in Sutherland for nearly 20 years. I have had very limited experience hill stalking for hinds. I enjoyed several years hunting Reindeer with Norwegian friends.
    For Roe deer and foxes I use a 22/250 Winchester Mod 70 + Leupold scope.
    For Red and Sika deer I use either a sporterised Enfield P14 .303 + Leupold scope, a BSA Monarch 7mm Rem. Mag. + Schmidt & Bender scope or a McMillan Talon actioned 30-06 + Swarovski scope.

    I reload all my own ammunition.

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    Welcome to the site!

    I know Golspie from my annual trips up to Sutherland. We often stop on the beach there to have lunch before heading up to the lodge - it really is a beautiful part of the world.

    Would be interested to hear about your experiences hunting reindeer - I've seen them in the Cairngorms!


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    Hello and welcome to the site.

    I don't live too far from you, just past Bonar Bridge. Is the rut on with you yet?


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    Hello to another Sutherlander!

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    Yes, Sutherland is a beautiful part of the country.

    Reindeer hunting in Norway was an uplifting experience in true wilderness about 3000ft above sea level near a reservoir called Rosskreppfjord. The hunts were for 1 week in Aug/Sept for 4 years before the authorities stopped issuing licences as they feared that the reindeer population was not as large as first thought. We lived in a cabin with a log stove, no running water and an outside "toilet" (dont ask). But it had a solar panel to charge a battery for an electric light.
    We were successful the first year but some years we would not see a single animal. Reindeer travel into the wind until they are stopped by water or another barrier. So they roam vast areas and we were really very fortunate to see any at all. If they ever lift the hunting ban (and I can get hill-fit again) I would love to go back.

    Which lodge do you go to?


    Are you past Bonar in the Lairg direction or the Oykel direction?

    I have heard Roe barking so I assume they must be into their rut. I have not been out much this year mainly due to working away from home. The reds will not be rutting until Sept/Oct.


    Which part of Sutherland are you living in?

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