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Thread: Just to prove a point...

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    Just to prove a point...

    ... shots don't seem to bother Cambridgeshire munties too much.

    Shot this rather beaten up old fella literally minutes after a fox, 6 feet (well, maybe 12 feet) from each other...

    (photo of both shows where they were actually shot, 3 minutes apart... last picture, one of many war wounds)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was out on sikamalcs ground for an evening stalk when i decided to sit and wait a while, after a short time i spotted a fox which after a squeek came in a treat and i dropped it around 100yrds off, within 5 minutes a sika stood 10yrds from the fox so i shot the sika i looked back at the fox not believing what had just happened and you guessed it there stood another sika and that was 3 for 3 in around 10 minutes.
    Nice looking muntie stig.

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    I suspect that it is the thump of the bullet hitting its target rather than the report of the rifle that disturbs deer the most. Although the report is loud it must often sound "far away" and they must be well used to a range of thumps, bangs and other noises in the distance.
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    I had a very memorable stalk one summer eveining near Windsor a few years back, it was my first evening on the land and i had already sighted 3 Roe Bucks in the same field on several days previous. I stalked the field and sat by a very old Oak tree and eventually a Roe buck appeared. I watched him for 15 minutes and was mesmerised by his lovley antlers. he walked towards me and i eventually put him to sleep at a distance of 65 meters. i sat down and gave him a couple of minutes when i pulled my phone out and set it to the camera, in order to take a picture of this magnificant buck. as i looked up no longer than 2 minutes from shooting the Roe , my eyes caught a movement from exacty where the Buck had dropped............... after i realised that it was not the same deer to which my heart sank thinking how could this be. a large Muntjac Buck was in front of me 2 meters from the Roe and i dropped him also. in my time on that land of 3 years i shot several Roe and muntjac doubles in the same evening.


    Certainly this has been my experience anyway.

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