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Thread: new top rilfe scopes rare find

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    new top rilfe scopes rare find

    Attachment 24650Attachment 24651Attachment 24655Attachment 24656

    Attachment 24653Attachment 24654

    I have the following scopes for sale all are brand new never fitted to rifles.

    Zeiss 10x36 C the one with the front focus plex reticle and this is new believe it or not 450

    Schmidt & bender 12x42 with 4 reticle the 1 in the green box 450 sold

    kahles 8x50 with ladder reticle 440

    all are boxed with paperwork.

    i will do pictures tomorrow

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    i'll take the 12x42 if ok?

    let me know how you want paying


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    frank its yours pm sent

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    S&B 12X42 now sold

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    S&B 12X42 now sold
    Hi,do you have any photos of the kahles scope?

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    Sorry did not see the above photos.

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    it is still available

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    Is the khales scope a 25 mm or a 30 mm.

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    it is a inch but is now sold pending funds.

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    Just the zeiss now to sell it is a lovelly new scope

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