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Thread: Custom stalking knife

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    Custom stalking knife

    Up for sale is my custom stalking knife made by the famous South African Erno Barnard.
    the knife has never been used the handle is made with crocodile and black spacers, the blade is 4 mill thick and is about 100 mill in length steel is Bohr and is razor sharp, the sheath is made from cape buffalo and is about 6 mill thick, these knifes are a special order knife and feels great in the hand, I don't really want to sell it , but I've got a knife on order
    from Sweden and is my own spec, so I have no need for two great knifes
    if interested I can pm pictures 220 posted, that's less than I paid for it.

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    hi mate plz send a pic to many thanks.

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    Pics sent
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    Are you sure on the price ? Moonraker knives sell them for between 127 & 193 inc of postage !

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    Hi kevb, I have looked at moonraker knifes , firstly there are no crocodile handle knifes for sale!! And the knifes on sale are smaller models and blade shape! Email Erno Bernard direct and get a price for a croc knife in the hippo model and see how much they are!! You certainly won't buy one for for the price stated
    Regards jewfish

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    found his web site hippo is going for $369.99 or 238.80

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    correct 1kevb $369.00 did you notice no crocodile handle knifes for sale on the web site! thats because as i said they are special order ! and they cost more !!

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    Sorry jewfish i saw them all at the same price, but as you said no croc skin ones

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    Open to offers but must be close to asking price!

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