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Thread: First Billy Goat

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    First Billy Goat

    Hi all
    Just got back from a couple of days out with the Solway Stalker and managed to bag my first Goat and my mate shot his first Roe deer.Colin pulled out all the stops to make sure we had a good trip and didn't let us down even though the weather was against us.
    Thanks again Colin.

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    Hi Nik
    The reds seemed to be hiding from the weather, shame a lot of the ground was covered by mist
    still a enjoyable day out tho/

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    Save a goat for me please Colin
    cheers doug

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    Thank you very much cColin

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    Wow, will you eat that?

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    Good going mate, was hoping to get out myself with him for one but still waiting on him getting back to me. Did you see a few

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    The weather was really against us,mist and fog made spotting them hard but once you've spotted one you can usually find a few more in the same area.We had only seen Nannys and they were starting to move off when the Billy appeared and started to follow.
    Get booked in you'll really enjoy it.

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