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Thread: Yum yum pigs bum!

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    Yum yum pigs bum!

    Hi all,
    I have just had my Christmas Dinner! i was in no state to eat it Christmas Day with a jaw infection and a bloody great hole where my back teeth used to be!
    Anyway I have just eaten 'Venison En Croute' with mash potatoes, brocolli and red wine gravy. Superb!
    The venison was one of my red yield hinds from stalking with Sikamalc, the wife made a liver pate and then smeared it all over the loin meat and then wrapped it in puff pastry. Venison Wellington' or 'En Croute ' if you are of that persuasion!
    Ace really ace, give it a try!

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    First sorry to hear you weren't well. That sounds pretty unpleasant.

    Second, your dinner sounds marvelous. You should post the recipe.

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    Was that loin meat or Lion meat? I know that you have had terrible trouble with your spelling of late

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    Hi Gunslinger,
    Thanks, I'm getting better. I'll get the wife to put the recipe on the venison recipe thread 'post haste'! It really was the best.

    Hi Poddle,
    I actually had to stop and think about the right spelling of loin. I then still put it down as 'lion' in the first draft of the post!
    Anyway 'alis wehl taht enids wehl'!

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    Can't wait to see the recipe. I need some new ones.

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    venison sounds good
    After your troubles with the Fang Farrier must have made you think of the old days take 2 brufen and see us in a couple of days!



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    Hi Dickie,
    I had four wisdom teeth out in an army hospital in Belfast. The Military dentists were very good, in fact excellent! I wouldn't trust that ivory poacher dentist of mine to pull a Christmas cracker never mind a tooth. I'm still spitting out the bone shards!

    I've got to go back for a check up tuesday, I will kick her in the 'fairey' and ask her to imagine that sort of pain all over Christmas!

    Anyway matey why aren't you off defending the Realm or something? When I was in the RN it was 'Rum, Bum and Baccy'! Its all 'Jukebox Jive and Jelly babies' now! Christmas leave! Tut whatever next? Women at sea!

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    If you good people are okay with the idea I'm going to get the memsahib to put some venison recipes in to an article I'm planning. A sort of 'Fanny Craddock and Johnny thing'. Guess which one I'll be! I just love painting on my eye brows!
    As I always say 'You can't beat a bit of Fanny'!

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    I have followed this thread and am now in the position of waiting to read an article from Dorinder and "Fanny", feeling sorry for Mr B and the problem's he has suffered over the Christmas period, and enjoyed it all very much. Then he has confused me completely, Beowulf and Wisdom teeth!, MMMmmmmm???

    Looking forward to the article Stevie boy.


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