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Thread: Custom Trigger for BSA Monarch

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    Custom Trigger for BSA Monarch

    Hi Guys,

    I have been trying to find a custom trigger which will fit my old BSA Monarch rifle.

    The Monarch trigger is a different fitting to the CF2.

    I have tried Brownells, Timney, Jewell etc. without any joy. As the Monarch is an old rifle, probably my only hope is finding an old trigger which has been lying on a gunsmiths shelf for decades - if such a custom trigger was ever made for this model of rifle.

    Can anybody help? Do you know of a trigger which was made to fit the BSA Monarch? Do you know of any gunsmiths who might have a trigger?

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Rather than looking for a replacement trigger have you tried taking it to a decent rifle smith for him to polish up the faces of the sears etc. A few touches of a stone in the right place can work wonders.

    Weren't the BSA's built on a clone of the mauser action, in which case one the after market triggers for mauser of some discription might be worth looking at, but probably would not be a straight drop in fit, but would require gunsmithing. As well as Timney / Jewell also have a look at Recknagel or Golmatic - they do a lot of Mauser triggers.

    Try J Roberts & Sons in London or Haygarth Guns int he North of Scotland. Both know old rifles.

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    Thanks for the info Heym.

    I was in Colin Haygarth's shop many years ago - I thought that they had gone out of business long ago!

    I have honed the trigger myself and I am currently looking for a suitable fine stone to improve it further. However, it will never compare to a good quality custom trigger.

    I have never heard of Recknagel or Golmatic triggers before - I will start googling now.

    Thanks again.


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    Have you tried Jackson Rifles, they do a replacent trigger that may be suitable. Alternatives are installing a set trigger which you may be able to get fom John Knibbs or Chamberlain Guns who have in the past held spares for B.S.A. rifles.

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    BSA trigger

    Hi golspie15

    You can get a semi custom trigger (i.e. double set trigger) from John knibbs tel no. 01675 481006 , all you need to give him is the rifle serial number of your gun.
    I just bought a double set trigger from him 3 weeks ago for my old BSA CF2 243 rifle as the original i though was a tad heavy even set at its lightest setting.
    it cost me 110 + 3.00 p+p to Inverness.
    iam very happy with the double set trigger and i find that the normal trigger pull on the rear trigger after a small adjustment is more than crisp and light to use rather than needing to use the light feather set trigger when set.

    Hope this is helpful to you.

    Cheers Iain


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    8x57 & Sako2506,

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    I tried Jackson rifles - their advice was to hone the original as they did not think any aftermarket trigger was available.

    Also tried John Knibbs - they had triggers to fit the CF2 but not the Monarch and it took quite a few emails to prise that much information out of them.

    I dont think I have tried Chamberlain guns (yet).

    I have emailed all the suggestions made by Heym SR20 yesterday and have had negative replies so far - still waiting for a response from C H Haygarth in Dunnet, Caithness.

    It looks very like I will be doing the trigger job myself.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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    Quote Originally Posted by golspie15

    I dont think I have tried Chamberlain guns (yet).

    Is this the place you are looking for? When I went in, the guy was pretty helpful.

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    Hi DL,

    The link you posted is for T. W. Chambers - I know these guys and I asked the question a while back. No luck there either.

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    I had Callum Ferguson do a trigger on an old BSA Majestic 222 years ago. They were good rifles.

    The Monarch/Majestic actions were far superior than the CF2, although the CF2 did have the option of a double trigger, but after a lot of use I found these units to be pretty unreliable.

    Another port of call is Charlie Rose on the Black Isle he will no doubt be able to sort you out.

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    Norman Clark is Midlands based. Certainly worth a 'phone call.

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