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Thread: 9.3x74r Ammo. Help needed

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    9.3x74r Ammo. Help needed

    Hello all,
    I am trying to track down some of the above ammo, preferably 232 g. Norma Vulkan,
    as this is what my new double is regulated for.
    I have contacted Ruag the importers and they are not expecting any for 6 months so any help will be much apprieciated.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Bit of a long shot (sorry...), but have you tried Kynamco at Mildenhall?


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    Yes Andrew, none there at the minute unfortunately!

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    Try or even better still you will have to start reloading for it as there are great saving to be had reloading for this calibre. Another one worth trying is express rifles 07854017336 they were at the shooting show yesterday and their 9.3x74r ammo was cheaper than many that I have seen.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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