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Thread: closed tickets and new land

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    closed tickets and new land

    Hi all,
    i am in the process of negotiating a new permission. i have a closed ticket at present with some land elsewhere. could anyone enlighten me to the process of adding the new land to my ticket?
    is it (simply?) phoning the FLO and giving details or writing a letter or do i have to apply for a variation? i am pretty sure the land will have been passed previously for deer calibres

    many thanks in advance
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    Your chosen piece of land will need to be cleared for the class of firearms you wish to use, if it has not already been done so.
    Some areas will tell you if a piece if land is cleared over the phone, others will not, in my case i had to submit a signed letter of permission from the land owner before the licensing department would tell me.
    If your land needs to be cleared, make sure your land owner is happy with the prospect of your FEO checking out his land, a lot of landowners do not like the intrusion and wont allow checks.
    Like you said your land may have been already cleared in which case your FEO will notify you that you are okay to shoot there, however even if you have been told by the landowner or someone who shoots there that the land is cleared, dont be tempted to shoot untill your FEO has given you the go ahead.
    Nothing on your licence will change as the conditoins you already have will cover all the land you shoot on, the name and location of the land is kept on file at the licensing office and is not recorded on your licence.

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    magic. thanks Ian.
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    If you ring up the will google the piece of land tell you over the telephone and away you go you may even get lucky and they open your fac


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    I had a similar issue before my ticket was opened. After checking with Humberside police, they assured me that I only needed to be satisfied that the land had been cleared, and that this could be done simply by asking the landowner. If the landowner is certain that it has been cleared, then there is no need to check with the police.

    I will copy and paste the email which says this. Leicestershire police use the same system.

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    2) Providing the land is suitable for the calibre, and you have permission to shoot there, you are able to shoot for the purposes you have been authorised in your conditions. If the landowner cannot satisfy you that they land is suitable for shooting with said calibres then it may be prudent for a land survey to be carried out.
    An excerpt from the email I referred to.

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    I will check tomorrow with a phone call but does anyone know Kent Police's stance on this? Is it worth doing a copy of the permissiom letter and a covering note and posting it to them so they have it on file too?

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    As with many things, different police areas seem to have different ways of doing this. Cumbria, for example, want you to supply written permission including what rifles you want to shoot there, for what purpose and including the landowner's details, address and telephone number. If it's been passed for the calibre you want to use, then it's okay, otherwise, it will have to be checked.

    The idea of a "closed" certificate is that whilst you are still fairly inexperienced in shooting rifles over land, they want to make sure that where you are shooting them is suitable, rather than you, which I think is a reasonable thing to do. The fact that the FEO doing the land check may or may not be suitable is perhaps another matter but we can only rely on the relevant Firearms Dept. to have employed the right person and given them the training and experience necessary to make such decisions.

    The other issue perhaps is the decision as to whether to open someone's certificate and decide whether the certificate holder has the necessary experience and how they come to that conclusion, but there I'm going off at a tangent, so I'll draw to a close on that.

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    ade you can send another perm slip in for the new land and ask then if its been cleared for x y z ,normally same conditions apply depending on how long youve been on fac,they should open everything anyway on renewal, both my rimmies are open , my 223 is still closed but im going to ask them to open up on variation for new rifle,best of luck chesh can be a bit slow,atb doug, only just seen date but someone can glean something off it,
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    The thing is if it goes wrong and the land isn't cleared and you say its ok then i would imagine it you who is to blame

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