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Thread: BFG's Muds OR Khumo KL71

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    BFG's Muds OR Khumo KL71

    What are you guys using ? Does anybody have experience of both. I need MUDs for my Defender 110 !

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    Had the Khumo on a Hilux & L200 and wouldnt get again.

    BFG all the way now, much longer life, great off and on road.

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    Cooper STT for me, good on wet tarmac and great in the mud

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    Got Kumho's on my L200, noisey on tarmac great off road. 40000 miles so far mostly on tarmac would expect another 5000 miles before they need changed


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    I use to work for kumho uk and I have bfg muds on my lamping truck and bfg all terrains on my double cab I use every day, I had kl71s when I could get them for free but wouldn't buy them! Kl71s have High wear rate, bad at self cleaning when getting bogged down, directional, softer side walls than bfg's! I get 60-66k out of bf muds & around 75-80k out all terrains compared to 40-45k out of kumho's, you will get 20% better wear rate out of all tyres on a Landy due to 50 50 split of the 4 wheel drive unlike a pick up truck!


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    Thanks for the feedback guys especially Bullet, with inside experience that is very useful info.
    I had BFG AT's on a pick up for a year and they seemed good but they weren't MUDs and I had no comparison experience against them.

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    Funnily enough i run both and the BFG muds are the better tyre although mine are the older tread pattern which had to be replaced due to American road noise concerns. BFG all terrains just turn to slicks in mud but are better on the road. If you are in a situation where you are getting stuck there is a slight self cleaning advantage in the BFG's.

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    It's a shame they have changed the pattern of the bf muds as the older pattern is slightly better on wear and self cleaning but however the new 1s are still 1 of the best mud terrain on the market! I would certainly spend the extra 40 or so and buy the bfg's!

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    BFG Muds on my 90.

    I have a mate who replaced his BFGs with the Khumos, after 500 miles he flogged them on eBay and replaced with BFG Muds. He said the road noise was LOUD



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    agree with farmer jim got cooper STTs on the Trooper done ablut 60k on them and still going strong good on wet road to.

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