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    Required info

    I found this site yesterday via another shooting site. I thought have a read, yes its ok so join, complete registration click to send , wait for email, final step yippee I"am in, here we go 1st post, but wait we need you to introduce yourself before you can post. Who, how, what, when, inside leg, mothers maiden name, NO, NO, NO, not for me thankyou. So good bye!!!!!.

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    Bye Bye
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    "Who, how, what, when, inside leg, mothers maiden name, NO, NO, NO, not for me thank you. So good bye!!!!!. "
    Silly boy, of course not, all the site requires are your general details so that others with like minded details can post on your posts.
    Do you use a CF rifle or RF or water pistol !! or you may even be just a shotgun man but that isn't usual for a Deer Stalking site.
    Anyway, I bet you are still lurking to see what has been added since your last post, so don't be shy, join in even if it is only to contribute to the joke sessions, it all helps.

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    An intro is partly required so as we can suss you out. This is an open forum and there are no doubt anti's and other non shooting undesireables that we would not wish to entertain let alone get into a debate with. We do not require inside leg measurements, hat size, or even your real name. Just a little to let us know what you've done or are currently into. No worse than you have to put on your details on the electoral register which everybod has access to.
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