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Thread: a sad day

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    a sad day

    On returning from a weekend stalking in suffolk I found my old terrier had died,he was purchased for 60 from an old terrier man in cumbria in the late nineties as a runty little pup we had many adventures and he accounted for many a fox but as times change and digging was looked upon as worse than being a criminal and I was getting more into stalking we both retired from the game doing the occasional bit of ratting but none of that in the last few years anyway it was with a heavy heart that in the rain this aftenoon we went for one last dig R.I.p mustard
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    Sorry to here of your loss. Sounds like you had great times together. Its always a big loss when they go.

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    Hi memo sorry to hear about the dog
    Atb to,

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    At least he reached a good age and had a proper working life eh? I'm sure you have plenty of good memories of your time spent together.

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    Sorry to hear that buddy, Lost a lakey myself last week, last of my proper earth dogs. Like you it's not been the same since 2006 but still done a bit.

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    No where your at lost my lakeland coupleof weeks ago,little dog left a big hole ,sorry for your loss

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    Sorry for your loss nemo, gone but never forgotten.
    Walk little- look often .

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    sad news nemo,

    sadly missed but memories are there for ever.

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    Its a very hard thing to deal with , at least you gave him a good life
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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