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Thread: Lab tail rouble

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    Lab tail rouble

    Any ideas, on how to stop a lab wagging it's tail?
    pshe's burst her tail, she is in the house and the minute her tail hits something , there,s blood!

    Wife,s going mental about blood on walls! Not that I give a toss about that, just worried about dog and can,t see any remedy other than docking (last thing I want) and stopping her wagging her tail.

    doesn,t look bad at the minute but fear it will get worse!

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    For a Lab 22mm pipe insulation taped on the end for a good few weeks can aid heeling. If that doesn't do it then many end up getting amputated.

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    Mine was the same tried everything to stop it. In the end had to take the tip off only real way of stopping it. Because it never gets chance to heal properly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    For a Lab 22mm pipe insulation taped on the end for a good few weeks can aid heeling. If that doesn't do it then many end up getting amputated.

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    sorry about your dog, but thats just one reasons,why docking should never have been abolished up here,it saves a full op later on, in the tradionaly docked hunting breeds, goodluck

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    Thanks everyone, pipe insulation - good idea.

    I'm going to take her into the vet today.

    her bed is in a dog crate, which could hold an elephant! I will put her in a smaller crate for a while , give her less room to wag for a while.

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    Had the same problem with my lad when he was about a year old. Blood up the walls, on the fridge and every time it looked like it was getting better he'd knock it again. We tried the pipe lagging, toilet tubes just about everything. Once the infection set in we had no option but to have the end amputated. Then the problem is that you need to take off enough so that the 'bu####r' doesn't knock the healing end. It ended up that the vet took 2/3 rds off the tail. No problems since except that I have a lab that thinks he's a spaniel and I keep getting asked "why did you get a lab docked?"....
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    Had the same issues with my young lab, unfortunately the damaged tip would not heal and he had a third of his tail removed. the problem then was, how do you get the wound to heal. Tried endless Elizabethan collars to keep him away from the dressings but these were expertly removed within minutes. The vet suggested a complete amputation which I was dead against. To save his tail I decided to get some syringes (cut the bottom off, to let the wound drain) large enough to cover the wound and attach this to the hair on his tail by placing the hair over the top of the syringe and taping around both hair and syringe making sure that the tail itself is not bound. I also had to resort to using a muzzle at time when he was on his own, to stop him pulling the lot off.

    After a few weeks things started to heal and I've had no problems since. Didn't like the idea of the muzzle, but short term pain for long term gain applies.

    Hope all goes well.

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