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Thread: Woodland in North Wiltshire.

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    Woodland in North Wiltshire.

    A friend of mine owns a mixed woodland of circa 150 acres in North Wiltshire. He has mentioned that he is considering letting the stalking - bucks and post-game shooting season does. DSC1 will be required. Please pm me if interested. I must emphasise that this is one option he is considering, so I can not guarantee that it will be available.

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    Sorry, should have said Roe & muntjac.

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    PM sent.

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    Thanks to everyone who responded. My friend is coming under pressure to let the stalking to a relative, who doesn't have a lot of experience & might not manage the deer to the required standard. Please treat this as being unavalable for the time being, but I will contact all members who have sent a pm if/when the situation changes.

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