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Thread: recoil

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    would a moderator or a kickstop or both reduce the recoil on my blaser 93k in 7mm-08 as there is some heavy recoil with it. thanks DAVE

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    I would go for just the moderator first as it will have the most effect. It has many other advantages too apart from the recoil bit, ie saves your ears, optics, neighbours sleep, etc...

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    Moderator will definately tame the recoil somewhat.

    Depending on model chosen and how rifle set up, you may find things irritatingly front heavy - its can be a very subjective thing. Not peered under the butt pad on a Blaser, but common to find a void.

    On my Sako 75 I wanted to bring the weight back a little and wasnt too concerned about overall weight. In the stock void I fitted about 150 grams of lead shot wrapped in plastic bags. Ensured it was a snug fit - no rattle, but this also meant the lead was able to move slightly. Any increase in weight will alter recoil profile, but I suspect - and admit pure theory and not something I'm hyped up about at all - that the flex in that lead weight also helps spread recoil impulse. Highly likely by no measurable difference!

    Moderator will most likely solve your issue - if not you may want to try the lead shot option before forking out for the reducer.

    Good luck.

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    a moderator will do the job but i think the over looking factor is the pressure when letting a big round off not so much the actual recoil and a moderator will take a massive amount of this out and turn you rifle into a bit of a pussy cat overnight

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    I have a couple of friends with R93s they both had their rifles screw cut which reduced the recoil.
    Check with your gunsmith before going ahead, unless yours is factory threaded, I'm not sure but I think they paid a bit more than normal for the threading (something to do with the type of metal used in the construction of the barrel).
    Someone on this forum with an R93 should be able to confirm.

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    A sound moderator would be your answer i used a 270 with out a mod and it kicked alot but after mod was put on it was like a 243 a pleasure to use instead of flinching each time you pull the trigger. As for the mod to get, there are that many on the market maybe you should ask the gun shop you got it from and say what one to get i would go for a stainless steel one .

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    H Dave,
    Without a doubt get a mod put on. I had my R93 cut down to 19inches and put a Jet Z on it. 19in doesnt upset the balance as much and its more accurate now (barrel being shorter is now more rigid), actually its ridiculosely accurate to the degree that its almost on par with my Nesika / Kreiger /McM combo that cost 3 time more. The downside is loosing 120fps max (chrono'd it) but easily compensated with creative loading using a faster powder and besides unless your shooting long range its very academic. For real world stalking it just feels spot on now. PS mine is in 30-06.

    Best regards

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    A muzzle brake will be cheaper than a mod.. and you dont need a variation. As long as sound is not an issue, of course. Just a thought.

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    A muzzle brake will burst your ears and through up a sandstorm!

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