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Thread: Recommendation - Taxidermist (Aberdeenshire/ Lothian)

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    Recommendation - Taxidermist (Aberdeenshire/ Lothian)

    Hi All.,

    I have a Pheasant in the freezer I would like to get stuffed.

    Can anyone recommend someone who can do this and give me an idea of cost?


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    Also got a Roe Buck head too! :-)

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    Colin Scott, Border Taxidermy. He is based in Hawick and IMO his work is exceptional. if you are not in a rush he is exhibiting at the Deerstalking Fair next month. You could see his work first hand and discuss prices...

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    George C Jamieson (Taxidermist)
    Cramond Tower, Kirk Cramond, Edinburgh EH4 6HZ
    Tel: +44 (0)131-336-1916 Fax: +44 (0)131-312-872

    Have had a lot of mounts done by him over the years, have a look in my gallery there is a Roebuck done by him


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    Willie Forbes, Braemar

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    Or you could use one of the best
    stuart jeffries

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    George Jamieson is good he done my dads fox and i have seen Moose's collection there all top quailty.

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