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Thread: Which Bipod

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    Which Bipod

    Hey Guys
    If you had to replace a bipod on your foxing / stalking rifle which would you buy nowadays?
    I have a B Square and it's fine but it's a bit fidgety getting the legs set - most of my shooting is off the bonnet of the vehicle but I do stalk occassionally.
    I'm shooting a rake of foxes at night and sometimes just need that extra wee bit length on the bipod, the legs on the B Square are adjusted using a thumb screw which is a pain.

    What do you use and what would you buy to better that?


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    I have had a harris for years, if I needed to change (I can't see that happening) but if I did it would be for another Harris.
    Pretty sure its 9-13 or there abouts, swivel model.

    Can't fault it, and can't really see how it could be improved.

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    I'd recommend the Harris swivel, never had a problem with them over the years, but if you want to look tactical when shooting foxes the market is endless as well as the price!
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Another vote for Harris from me.



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    I bought a cheaper non harris bipod, took it back as the legs would flick out with the recoil, bought a harris and wouldn't consider anything else now. 9-13 swivel suits my needs

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    ditched the Harris off my rifle years ago and replaced with a z-aim. Ive been very happy with it, a little practice and it is much quicker, quieter, lighter and versatile.
    Not the most aesthetic of things on a rifle but nors a Bi pod.

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    Another vote for the Harris, there have been too many people saying that they bought a cheaper lookalike and had it fall apart. atb Tim

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    I bought 2 Harris lookalikes from 2 different manufactures. Took them both to pieces, and re-assembled the best bits of both into one good one, indistinguishable from my mate's gemuine harris. Put all the poor bits back togrther and sold that bipod to someone who wanted it for an airgun.

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    Life is short. Do stuff.

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