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Thread: Urban Foxes

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    Urban Foxes

    Following on from the incident when an urban fox entered a house and apparently carried off a baby there were comments on BBC this am saying there were upwards of 30K or 300K urban foxes. I am sure it was the smaller figure. It was a quote from the mammal study gp in Bristol.

    I just wonder where they pluck these figures from. There have been numerous threads on fox population size and from what is getting shot then if we are to believe the BBC then foxes should be extinct, which they clearly are not.

    I suspect the actual numbers are far in excess of the current estimates, despite a lot of covert urban culling. I expect if we put our mind to it I expect we could find a dozeen in my town without much effort and that might only be a small % of the resident population.

    it could well turn out there are more urban foxes than rural ones, because looking how many we are shooting they got to be coming from somewhere else.


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    The bbc have a lot to answer for watch the first part of this video it shows a copy of there magazine on one page how to feed foxes in your garden shocking

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    Apparently, according to 'scientific research', fox numbers in towns hasn't increased in 50 years !!! Utter rubbish. Radio 2 have just done a slot on the Jeremy Vile show.
    Typically, the BBC twisted it to suit themselves, I was on there, before it aired, it was agreed what I was going to bring to the debate, then once live, they caught me on the back foot and asked something completely different. I didn't even want to mention shooting, and they hit me with it, and they even gave my real name where I asked not to. If I get any comeback due to that, I will be taking it further.

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    An awful lot of the 'evidence' referred to over the last few days (including, I believe, the population statistics) have been based on the opinions of Dr Stephen Harris at Bristol University. While I do not doubt Mr Harris's credentials as a serious academic, it is worth noting that he has long standing links with a number of animal rights and welfare organisations, including both LACS and IFAW. I find it hard to believe that he can be completely objective in this context, although he wasn't too bad on the Today programme this morning. You can read his latest view here...

    Stop hounding Britain's urban foxes | Stephen Harris | Comment is free |

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    I shoot one particular golf course that has two dens (that I know of!) on one side in residential gardens.
    I hit it hard on one fairway as they came and went. assumed if I cleared out the current residents that it would take a few weeks to get an incoming population

    to date over the last 4-5 months I have taken around 30 foxes all within 30 yds of each other on their way to and from the dens
    one night I shot three, probably could have taken 2 more and three nights later saw another 5!!

    these are not resident populations
    they are coming in droves from other areas

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    no idea where they all come from had 5 last night on the outskirts of Edinburgh at one time there was 4 down within 40 yards of each other an ill bet i see more tonight.

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    One walked up to my sister as she was waiting for the bus a couple of weeks ago to sniff at her fake-fur lined boot on the off chance that it was edible. This was in broad daylight in Fulham (West London). She said it was soaking wet and very thin, so probably just starving and freezing.

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    Lots of them in Zurich......................they would hardly get out of your way.

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    I've said this before after last fox attack, when me and the woman went to the Maldives in 2009 we flew from gatwick and parked in one of the car parks there, this place was full of them when we came back it was about 2:00am and when we went in to the office/portacabin there were two in there just sitting bye some seats the ladies in the office there had damn near tamed the things and they would take food out of there hands regularly, they had names and they reckon they have six regular visitors, they were not fazed by our presence at all one of the girls said that one there love a fun size mars bar and the other sausage rolls lol she tried to get me to feed one but I declined, its this type of behaviour that's the problem....

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    Job done but which recycling bin do you use for carcass disposal in Bromley??

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