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Thread: Oh no! Scratched the bonnet of the new puggy!

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    Oh no! Scratched the bonnet of the new puggy!

    On the way to YDS dsc1 course first thing saturday morning, broke my laptop screen and knocked the rifle out 17 clicks! but the worst thing was I broke a fingernail.... tut

    Glad I walked away, many haven't from lesser smashes but airbag was amazing, nasty taste though when you get a gob full

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    You didn't hit a tree by any chance.......


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    The finger nail is clearly a concern... but glad you walked away from it.
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    I worked on them thar fings in 1988 at daimler benz in Germany and in those days each cannister of explosive needed to fill the bag was actually a blank shotgun cartridge hit by a firing pin so they had to register each car as a weapon and have it entered as such in a special book, but technology moved on fast to get away from that system. It is a variation of primer mix that they use now to get the speed of expansion hence the taste.
    Glad you walked away.

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    it was a safe backstop Stan.... safety first

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    Somebody was going too fast.....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Nightmare.. it looked so clean and posh when you were up at the hoose (well compared to the pile of crap I had in the drive )

    Glad your OK though,, what happened ? Unlike others I won`t assume you were going to fast.. until you admit it !

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    The car will fix? or the insurance will sort another, the nail will grow back,

    as long as you the soft squishy bit in the equasion are ok, thats all that matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moray Outfitting View Post
    The finger nail is clearly a concern... but glad you walked away from it.
    Glad you didn't DRIVE away!
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