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Thread: Nikel scope rail removal??????

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    Nikel scope rail removal??????

    Hi all, Has anyone removed a prism rail from a scope before? I have an old Nickel 6x42 (I have two) scope that I could use on an old .22lr and is not worth spending the money on mounting with recknagel or apel etc. If any one has done this and could tell me how it attaches and can be removed again, I would really appreciate it!!!!!!!
    Cheers K

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    I would guess it was soldered and if so would mean a complete strip prior to applying some serious localised heat!

    What size is the the tube?



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    Thanks Klenchblaize, It a 26mm aluminium tube. So not sure how its attached?
    Regards - K

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    If alloy it will probably be soldered, if your not worried about the finish I would try a little local heat and see if it comes off.


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    I have a bunch of them in my collection box and some have had the rail partly removed just where the rings will need to be installed and they seem to be just hacksawed away and then filed down smooth giving a 26mm tube, but the normal spring of 25.4mm (1 inch) rings will still fit OK.
    Try it.

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    Rather than going to the trouble of removing the rail might it not be quicker and easier to take a pair of (cheap) scope rings, cut off the ring part and cut a dovetail to take the rail. Once in position then either drill and pin or epoxy the mounts to the scope.

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    I have sent it, to Paul Burke to work his magic over!!

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    I have a few of the rail scopes ,they are an alloy extrusion.I just saw them off carefully with 24tpi hacksaw and file smooth then respray.The problem is finding rings to fit the tube .The last two I did were 27mm ,I had to ream out some 26mm rings .

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