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Thread: Warne Mounts thread size?

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    Warne Mounts thread size?

    Hi folks,

    I have a set of warne mounts on my BRNO 465 and have managed to lose a screw! anyone know what thread they are?

    Thanks in advance, James

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    warne QR or the normal ones ? I might have some if I can find them.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    the normal ones, the model thats sold to fit a cz527 if that makes any difference

    Many thanks, James

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    Email warne and they will send you some free .They did when i snapped a Q/R lever bolt great after care from them.


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    Try Warne first but if you have no luck with them I will put some in the post.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    don't forget the bottom ones are longer than the top ones

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    Thanks for the help gents, and that's a great offer Patjack, thankyou. I've emailed warne this morning so will see what results.

    Thanks again chaps


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