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    complex question

    A slightly complex one:

    I have a friend who has moved to Scotland from Germany. His father has just died (in Germany), leaving him a .22LR and some sort of deer calibre. He wants to bring them to Scotland.

    So question 1 is: am I right in thinking that he needs to go through the normal FAC application procedure before bringing them across? Can he get them sent to an RFD who would be able to store them for him until his FAC was sorted?

    Now - the next issue. He lives in rented accommodation, and the landlord will not give permission for a cabinet to be installed (or for him to have firearms on the property at all).

    So question 2: I understand that it is theoretically possible for him to store his guns in my caninet, provided they are also on my FAC. Is this right?

    If the above is true, what do I need to do to get them on my FAC? Is it a matter of applying for a variation as normal? What do I put as reason - I assume I just explain the situation, since I don't want or need the new rifles myself.

    All advice very much appreciated.

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    Can't he get a temporary visitors permit, through you and then apply once here?

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    Why can't he install another safe in your home that only he has access to? That would mean you should not have to put his rifles on your ticket, and he can then get his rifle/s if you are not there.

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    i can tell you question two is ok. i have a shared caninet with my father and all the guns are on both certs.

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