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Thread: Did anyone go to the show

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    Did anyone go to the show

    Went to Stonleigh on Sunday and i was a bit surprised to see lots of urban marines about in full battledress walking round with what looked like standard issue american assault rifles and a vest full of mags
    Now i know its each to his own and all that, but if i was walking round with my rifle on my shoulder how long would i have been at the show ?
    You would think these people would show a bit more common sense, if the press got some pic's we would all be tarred

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    Yep went along and was nice to see so many people in full DPM and camo all sparkly clean lol

    Just stick with "excuse me mate where is the toys section" and watch the look on their face and the usual response of "its an air weapon which carries the same offence as a real one" Now I say that because for years I used to do a lot of airsoft as it was a great laugh and much more fun that paint balling but it did get to the point where everyone thought they were special forces and a weapons expert so jacked it in lol

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    Although me and the people I was with had a good laugh at their expense, I think it was completely the wrong thing to have associated with a shooting and countrysports themed show. Most antis have the impression that we are all like those numpties anyway without a direct link.

    My thoughts anyway!
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    One Guy I saw was walking around toting an Electric Gattling Gun strapped to his chest, I too thought it was a bit over the top!.... some of the guys seemed to think they were "special ops" I am sure and seemed to relish the attention they were getting. .... The next hall was full of proper firearms though!

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    I don,t know, the two girls I seen in there skimpy camo shorts and made to measure t shirts, could pull my trigger anytime. But on a serious note, it was a gun show for real guns, not a remake of Small soldiers.

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    I thought the rest of the show was pretty good away from the "TOY" section
    I agree with you pointblank they should have there own venue

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    Saw two young guys with what looked like an ar15 out of its box whilst eating a sandwich turned out to be some sort of air weapon what a pair of prats

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    it was a gun show for real guns, not a remake of Small soldiers.

    Good one, Thanks.

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    Not a good advert for shooters if people who don't understand seen them walking round like something out of a Disney film, would they go shopping dressed like prats, also in my own view its not respectful to those who wear the uniforms for real....

    Plastic toys and plastic nutters dressed like that.

    Sorry for the people who do take part in air soft and who enjoy it, but walking round a gun show with REAL guns on sale dressed like they were and having the toys in holsters....muppets....maybe an ARV having a chat to them from a mega phone is what they need....A WAKE UP CALL.

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