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Thread: mount scope lamp.

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    mount scope lamp.

    could anyone recommend me a good lamp that mounts on the scope...using it for foxes so something with long range beam.thanks

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    Dereelight xsearcher from

    not cheap but you won't get better. Get it with the red led!
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    Quote Originally Posted by martinl View Post
    Dereelight xsearcher from

    not cheap but you won't get better. Get it with the red led!
    cheers martinl...looks the dogs balls....will invest in one of them..

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    Hello Martin

    I'm on the market for a new lamp also. Got a deben max pro i think it is. Not very impressive!! Scope mount is very small also! Have you got the dereelight xsearcher? Is it the best? Cost is not important... I want to ge tthe best.. but there are so many to choose from. Have you used many? If this is the best for sure plese let me know.

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    I cant rate it high enough.

    Give Tony a ring at taclight, Let him convince you, tell him I sent you and youll get some off.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0492.JPG 
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ID:	24823 this is the Xsearcher on my 243. you wont get a neater package.
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    +1 for this lamp. Several times over. Red LED will outshine a LF170 with a red filter by a considerable distance.
    If you find the head a little big, get the NM800 - same lamp - smaller head
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    Im think of selling my NM800 because i get on so well with the XS
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    I have been using a HID lamp for the last few months. It came from pigeon 99 quid and I am very impressed. My Lightforce 170 has been sold. Great range.good white beam.
    I cant say I get any longer out of the battery however. I think it draws just as much power.

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