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Thread: schmidt and bender Stratos

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    schmidt and bender Stratos

    hi all,

    Went to the shooting show yesterday and saw the new schmidt and bender stratos. Any one know how much the 2.5-13x 56 illuminated is going to cost and when it is due to be released, depending on cost may be in the market for one. wonder how it compares to the swaro Z6i. What do you think.

    Atb Matt

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    Home - DI.M.AR. Armi

    2,460,00 Euros.

    You must be earning to much money Matt
    Looks like you might have to take your better half away to Italy for a short break.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    My Mate thought the bloke said 1500 -2500 that works out to be about 2100 same price as a PM11 dont think ill be spending that much unless my 6 numbers comeup, might have a look at a second hand z6i when funds are better.

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    I think S&B have introduced 5 new scopes. Ridiculous money though. The 3-27x56 PM2 has a phenomenal mag range but is going for about 4300. Crazy and S&B only offer a 2 year warranty on their PM2 scopes. Looked at their range for my new rifle and instead went for the Kahles K624i at nearly half the price.

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